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The Best Sales Pitch Is NO SALES PITCH

At Meudyojak networking meetings I see some people just handing over their business cards and speak about their business. They should also listen to other entrepreneurs . In a networking event, if you go with the intention just to talk, talk and talk about your product/service, and make the sale, then it’s not networking..  But if you go in to have a two-way conversation and build a trusted relationship with the prospects, you will have paved a path towards success. The point of sales pitch at a networking event is to give prospects enough information that they need to know more.  This is the beginning of building a relationship.  So if you get this right, you really can start the conversation which will lead to opportunities. Here are some tips for an effective sales pitch : 1] Do Your Home-work  –  Know who you are pitching to. If you are not researching your customer, you are reducing your chances of  making the deal.  82% of sales people are not aligned with the needs of their buyer.  Study their business and its need, prior to executing the pitch. You may start by pursuing their website or Linkedin profile. 2]Give your best first impression and […]

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Why It Is Important To Build Effective Business Referral Network ?

  A steady stream of customer referrals can transform any struggling business into a profitable one. Building a strong referral network in business is one of the most effective strategies that any size of business should have.  Researches show that most of the SMEs get their biggest boosts from customer referrals, not Facebook, Linkedin or other social media sites. People influence people.  A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message.  A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.                                                               Mark Zuckerberg,    Founder and CEO, Facebook    Getting a business through cold calls is tough.  It is always easier when someone recommends your product/services to someone else.  The word-of-mouth marketing is most basic yet quite effective form of marketing.  It brings in new, comparatively loyal clientele for a company.   Fearless Referrals, by Matt Anderson, cites a study by Sandler Sales Institute regarding how different types of prospecting activities turned into business  : 5 %  from cold calls 15 % when you use a colleague’s name […]

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15 Best Practices To Increase Your Productivity at Business

Do you tend to lose control of your daily work agenda and create a mess of your day? Do you find your plans going haywire again and again, due to distractions, overloading and under-planning of tasks, and most often, procrastination</p> So how are you going to deal with it ?  What is the way to extract the maximum efficiency from the limited time in hand? Basically increase in productivity means working smarter. So, here’re some techniques to increase productivity by managing your time skillfully : 1]   Avoid procrastination  — One of the major reasons of procrastination is failure or afraid of trying for the goals you set when you foresee all the hurdles coming in way.  The best way to avoid this procrastination is just start doing it. Instead of getting overwhelmed, plan for short goals.  It will accelerate  your work power and increase productivity. 2]  Don’t be multi-tasker  —  When you toggle back and forth between tasks, you tend to commit more mistakes. Researches show that people who try to accomplish two or more activities at a time end up distracted and results in poor quality work. Your ability to get things done depends on how well you can focus […]

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How To Convert Your Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

The average business loses around 24 percent of its customers annually simply by failing to attend to customer relationships. Irony is that the company invests a huge amount of time, efforts and expenses in building that initial customer relationship.  Then this relationship goes unattended.  Sometimes immediately after the sale has been made, sales-person loses interest in those clients.  Eventually then those clients tend to forget your company and opt the other options open in market.  This drops down company’s growth rate drastically. Most companies don’t realize that the fastest, cheapest and lowest risk way of protecting their business is not only finding new customers, but nurturing existing customers as well.  This is Customer Retention. For startups, the customer retention is crucial in order to build the strong customer base to pull profit from. Customer Retention begins with the first contact a customer has with a company and continues throughout the entire lifetime of the relationship, earning and maintaining their loyalty continuously. Customer Retention is the measure of customer loyalty and the capacity of the business to keep its existing customers satisfied by good quality and good services offered after the product is sold.  It is influenced by how many new […]

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Goals setting – A must for an Entrepreneur

Incepted in 1952 by Mr.G.K.Pendharkar, Chairman, Vicco Laboratories (Vicco Ayurvedic products) company had the major goal to make the boons of Ayurveda available to every home within India and also in outside world. Today they are the makers of the best products of Ayurveda all over the world conquering Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia. The successful businesses are based on goals, as it define the purpose of the business and help analyze necessary action plans. For my business purpose, I visit entrepreneurs every day. My observation is that most of these entrepreneurs do not have clear goals. Unless you have clear goals about what and when to achieve, it is very difficult to reach there. A goal can be defined as an expected state that a company endeavors to achieve. There are objectives to be set, to reach a goal. An objective is a short-term target to accomplish, with a deadline. If you are going for a business meeting, unless you fix the time and venue of the meeting, you will not be able to conduct the meeting.     In your business, where you spend your 60 percentt. time, it is critical to set goals, i.e. where and when […]

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